WE ARE NO ALAMO (WANA) wants you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! WANA is a mental health podcast started in Austin, Texas. We are dedicated to building better lives for all of the people affected by mental illnesses (MI) and mental health issues.


We want to shape the future. Individuals with MI have an identity. Today, people living with serious mental health concerns still experience social stigmas and negative misconceptions. But the fact is, people can expect a better quality of life than ever before. Medications have improved, new evidence-based therapies have developed, and organizations like We Are No Alamo (WANA) are building initiatives to bring renewed awareness surrounding mental health.

WANA promotes the engagement of open and honest conversations about mental health. A growing amount of research shows that offering positive support to those suffering with MI, compared to promoting lifestyle and behavioral changes, helps those struggling live healthier and more productive lives.

WANA seeks to build a community of acceptance and connection. To help shape this future, WANA started a podcast! The podcast provides a “stigma free zone” for people to open up about their mental health struggles and share their stories, while also providing mental health information and resources.

WANA is dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by mental illness. We strive to shape a future where all people affected by MI can experience hope, recovery and wellness in a world free of stigma.


WANA advocates for diagnosis, treatment, support, research, and recovery to improve the quality of life for those affected by MI. We provide mental health advocacy, support, information, and public awareness by developing a more inclusive society for those living with MI.


WANA is a podcast for everyone! We not only help individuals and families affected by MI open up, but aim to help everyone build a better quality of life. To meet our goal, we are dedicated to creating a broadened public awareness about those affected with MI.


Inclusion is essential to the success of our alliance. We seek to develop an open dialogue across all ages about MI, and unify shared experiences to engage with communities who have otherwise lacked the resources necessary to build a deeper understanding of mental health.


WANA fights against mental health stigmas! We are prepared to create an arena where MI is not seen as a hindrance nor a sign of fragility, but as an experience that can lead to a life of progress, resilience, and community.